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GenX Net is India’s Temporary Job Network helps job seekers by providing current job opportunities across various Industries.
Enabling jobseekers to build their resume and post it on our website, applying for jobs online, receive status on the interview schedules and details of the timings of the interviews are just some of the few features which are being planned at our end.

On the other hand we qre also in process to provide our Clients Login IDs and passwords, for them to access information on our employees that are currently in GENX rolls deputed at their office. The Client can access the list of our associates working with them, with their details. Job requirements can also be posted online, for which we work towards closure hence reducing our Tat’s.

For our Associates we provide them

1. Pay slips
2. Tax Computation
3. Employment details
4. Employee manual
5. Any pending registration

The Backend of our GENX includes:

1. Understand client’s requirements
2. Search / View / Validate resumes
3. Assign resumes to requirements
4. Schedule interviews
5. Track job offers

Associate support includes

1. Give Joining kit online
2. Manage Associates
3. Associate Masters
4. Track Attendance & Leave

5. Performance Management & Appraisal
6. Associate communication
7. Query management
8. Reports & MIS
9. Exit formalities
10. Centralised Telephonic/Email Support
11. Web login (under planning stage) will gives access to 12. Payroll, Benefits & HR Information and an Associate 5. 13. can login using a unique pin & password from the

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